Jon Gosselin Has ‘No Relationship’ With Ex-Wife Kate, Doesn’t Pay Child Support

Almost four years after finalizing their divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin have completely cut off contact with each other.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin said that he and his ex-wife have zero interaction with each other, even when he goes to pick up their eight children.

“I don’t have a relationship with Kate. There is no relationship. Text and email. That’s it,” Gosselin said. “The nanny comes out and I exchange the kids at her gate or at the bus stop. I don’t physically see her.”

The 36-year-old former reality TV star also said he doesn’t pay child support for the brood.

“[Kate and I] both support [the children] financially because she takes care of school and all that stuff, but I take care of the exact same things she takes care of,” he said. “I buy their own groceries. They have their own groceries at my house, their own bedrooms, their own stuff. It’s doubled.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jon Gosselin is now working as a waiter at Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pennsylvania.

“At first I was nervous because I was like, ‘How are people going to react?'” he said. “But then I’m thinking, ‘Well it’s fun and I get to talk to people.’ And they technically already know me…They’re like, ‘Are you the guy?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m the guy.'”

He also confessed that he is living in a cabin in the woods with no TV or Internet.

“I’ve hit rock bottom like 20 times, and then I just bounce back and go somewhere else,” he said.

Jon and Kate Gosselin starred in TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 for five seasons. After the couple finalized their divorce in December 2009, TLC renamed the show Kate Plus 8, which ran for two seasons before the network canceled it in August 2011.

[Photo credit: Penn State / Flickr]