Prince Fielder Snacks On Fan’s Nachos During Game

Prince Fielder is one hungry man. During the Detroit Tigers 5-4 victory over Seattle Thursday, Fielder dug into a fan’s nachos in the stands.

Let’s paint the scene. It’s the fifth inning and the Mariners are up to bat. Doug Fister winds up and throws to Mike Zunio. Zunino pops the ball up in foul territory. Prince Fielder almost runs the ball down, but can’t quite make the catch. Sad about dropping the ball, He walks up to a fan in the stands with nachos and eats some.

He did not ask for permission. He just took what he wanted. Worst of all, he showed no regret afterwards.

In Prince Fielder’s defense, it was a long run, and he’s a very large man. He was probably pretty hungry.

The real winner in the situation might actually be the fan. First of all, a professional athlete getting paid more than $225 million, just ate food basically out of their hands. Second, the entire act was caught on video. This fan has proof that Prince Fielder ate his nachos.

It’s better than catching a home run or a foul ball. It’s too unique not to be.

For his part, the fan took it well. He didn’t yell at Fielder from the stands. But then again, why would he? The game was in Detroit and the Tigers were winning. How would you react if one of your hometown stars strolled over to you in the stands and ate some nachos. Most sports fans would be stoked.

Here’s the video:

Sports fans are a unique breed, after all. Just ask the Royals superfan who became an internet sensation for his jumbotron dance.

The announcers seem the most surprised by Fielder’s actions. I’m personally surprised how long it takes Prince to chew his food.

Would you let Prince Fielder eat your nachos at a baseball game?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]