Champagne Truck Crashes In CT In Most Fabulous Rollover Ever

Bottles were popping in Connecticut yesterday, but it wasn’t because Spencer and Madison got into the prep-Kindergarten of their choice — a semi-truck carrying a load of champagne turned over on I-395 and tons of fancy drinks perished.

The champagne crash in Connecticut thankfully resulted in only minor injuries to both motorists involved — but the fate of the bubbly was far, far more grim.

While two drivers were mostly okay, the booze was not. And it wasn’t even cheap, undesirable alcohol!

The champagne crash in Connecticut involved hundreds and hundreds of cases of Veuve, their distinctive orange packages littering the roadway amid broken glass and the failed potential of a million Sex In The City marathons to be.

The girls nights in the Veuve Clicquot bottles may have been destined for might carry on, but cases of the mid-range bubbly priced at $500 a piece were destroyed in the rollover — each bottle fetching about $40 at retail.

The Norwich Bulletin has the grisly details, including how cases of Veuve came to a sudden end on I-395 yesterday — the paper reports:

“The tractor-trailer, driven by William Wronski, 56, of Blackstone, Mass., was traveling north in the right lane and failed to yield to the construction site, striking the rear end of the DOT truck, driven by James Tuttle, 34, of Stonington, and causing the 18-wheeler to fall on its side. The trailer broke open and scattered its contents across the entire roadway, according to state police.”

The champagne crash didn’t just ruin the cases of Veuve seen in the pic — traffic following the mid-afternoon accident was snarled in both directions while crews cleaned up in the aftermath.