Ionia Road Rage Shooting: Two Gun Owners Shoot, Kill Each Other

Kim LaCapria

Two Michigan gun owners are dead after what is believed to have originated as a road rage incident.

The two men are said to have gotten into an argument while driving, which escalated on the road Wednesday night.

Identified as the two killed in the Ionia, Michigan shooting are James Pullum, 43, and Robert Taylor, 56. Both lived in Ionia, and it's not clear how precisely the men became so enraged as to draw weapons and fire on one another fatally.

Local news source WZZM has a hazy initial account of the double gunshot death, describing the incident in a way that makes it seem as senseless as it sounds at first glance.

According to the station, Pullum and Taylor pulled into a car wash and began shooting after the altercation broke out:

"Witnesses tell WZZM 13 a one driver was following another driver too closely. The first driver pulled into the Wonder Wand Car Wash parking lot and the other driver followed them into the parking lot... Witnesses say the driver of the following car fired shots, and the first driver returned fire. Both drivers were shot and killed."

Two passengers in Pullam's vehicle were unharmed, but it also appears that neither man survived long enough to even be transported to a hospital after the deadly clash.

As both Pullam and Taylor were killed in the gun fight, investigators are having a hard time piecing together the chain of events leading up to the deadly incident.

However, cops do confirm both of the Michigan men involved in the fatal road rage shooting were legally licensed with concealed carry permits. It has not yet been explained whether one or the other may have been more legally culpable had either survived.