Starbucks rolling out bucket-sized ‘Trenta’ option for cold coffee drinks

Last year, Starbucks did an April Fools’ joke offering a 128 ounce “Plenta” beverage, lacking only a hypodermic needle to deliver a jolt to addicted customers.

Now, as often happens with Think Geek, the joke kind of wound up reflecting future reality. Starbucks is offering a thirty-one ounce “Trenta” option, for folks who feel twenty-four ounces of milk and sugar syrup (as found in a “Venti”) is just not enough. The requisite banging on about people getting fat is unsurprisingly occurring, but it should be noted that if you’re a straight up coffee drinker and avoid lattes and macchiatos, coffee itself is a very low calorie and fat-free beverage.

The Trenta will retail at fifty cents more than a Venti, which really isn’t a massive upcharge considering add-ins like syrup and extra shots run seventy-five cents to a buck fifty at most locations. So when will the Trenta become available?

Arizona, Texas, Florida and 14 other states will roll out the new size on January 18, followed by California on Feb. 1.

The rest of the country will have to wait until May 3, when all of the coffee shops in the US will begin serving the Trenta.


Have you found the Venti to be too small? Looking forward to the Trenta?