Honda Mobilio Makes Debut In India

The Honda Mobilio was unveiled this week at the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta.

The Mobilio, a multipurpose vehicle with a 1.5 liter engine, was designed specifically for India’s fast growing auto market. The car will be available at a starting price of about RP 150 million ($13,000).

Takanobu Ito, president and chief executive of Honda Motor, said:

“The Honda Mobilio is the first model Honda has developed especially for the Indonesian market. Working closely with Honda operations here to study the unique needs of Indonesian customers, this Honda Mobilio will fulfill the dreams of Indonesian customers for an affordable family car featuring Honda’s high standard of quality. We will continue to support the expansion of Honda business in Indonesia by introducing new products that meet the needs of our Indonesian customers.”

The Honda Jazz is currently available in India but many Indonesian car buyers complained that the Jazz didn’t have enough ground clearance. The Honda Mobilio was designed with a higher clearance to better navigate India’s rural roads. IT News reports that the new car has the same ground clearance as most SUVs (about 185 mm) but still has a compact body.

The Jakarta Globe reports that the Honda Mobilio was developed at Honda’s new plant in Karawang, West Java. Jonfis Fandy, marketing director at Honda Prospect Motor, said that the Mobilio would go into production at the new plant next year. It will be the first model produced by Honda at Karawang.

Fandy did not release any estimated sales figures and did not say when the Honda Mobilio would hit the market.

[Image Via Twitter]