Honesty Pays Off For Homeless Man Who Returned $42K, Big Time!

Remember last week when The Inquisitr told you about a down on his luck homeless man, who was still good enough to turn down the temptation of keeping a lost $42,000 in Boston?

When Glen James turned in the backpack containing a year’s salary in Boston Saturday, his commendable honesty and willpower made national news. While James himself had nothing, he still managed to return the bag with more than $2,000 in cash and tens of thousands more in traveler’s checks.

James received a citation for his act, which is technically the right thing to do — but a big right thing to do when you have no place to sleep or keep your things, and may not know where your next meal is coming from.

And it seemed that the homeless man’s honesty in returning the $42,000 in a bag was the end of a feel good story. Right? Well, not yet!

Thanks to the wonderful internet and sites like GoFundMe.com, people like James can be thanked in a different way — and when everyone on the web chips in, a happy ending can get super happy.

James wasn’t expecting anything for his good deed, which makes this update all the more awesome and happy-making. A guy named Ethan Whittington created a GoFundMe campaign to help Glen James, and so far the fund has received…


Definitely impressive, but the drive is fairly new — and as the story is so feel-good, we’re kind of hoping exposure will drive that amount higher.

If you were impressed by the homeless man’s commitment to do the right thing, and his impressive honesty, you can kick in a few bucks here. Do you think Glen James got what he deserved for being a good guy?