Mexican Restaurant Offers Free Burritos After Giving Customers Bloody Diarrhea

Do you know what we want after a Mexican restaurant gives us bloody diarrhea? We want that same restaurant to offer us free burritos!

Okay, maybe that isn’t what we want, but that is exactly what Federico’s Mexican Food offered to customers in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Seventy-four customers were hit with a bad case of E. coli after the restaurant served them bad food.

Federico’s had just opened but apparently the sparkling decor and seemingly clean kitchen inside the restaurant were not as sanitized as customers would have liked.

One customer said the Mexican restaurant’s food led to a “bloody diarrhea outbreak.”

The restaurant voluntarily closed after news of the food poisoning was reported.

Customers who wanted to chance another possible bloody diarrhea outbreak were given free burritos on Mexican Independence Day on September 16.

After closing the Mexican restaurant, the owners brought in the “Queen of Clean,” a TV cleaning personality that has been previously featured on Oprah.

The Queen of Clean showed up for her own free burrito, thereby acting as an ambassador for the restaurant. She even recorded a video that showcased how she cleaned up the restaurant.

I’m not personally sure that I could stomach eating from a restaurant that made me violently ill and could have killed me. The image of bloody diarrhea just doesn’t sit well with fried beans and salsa.

A food-safety law firm has already filed a lawsuit against the company on behalf of sick E. coli suffering customers. One of the plaintiffs says the Mexican restaurant gave them “grossly bloody bouts of diarrhea.”

Would you go back fro another meal at a restaurant that nearly killed you?