Super Bowl 48 Tickets Prices In 2014 Doubling From 2013 Pricing

Patrick Frye

Super Bowl 48 tickets prices in 2014 will doubling from the 2013 pricing we saw in New Orleans.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Super Bowl 48 half time show features Bruno Mars.

Although, apparently GWAR fans would rather see a metal act on stage for Super Bowl 48. But the musical selection is not the reason why the Super Bowl 48 ticket prices are rising.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy claims the justification for raising the NFL's Super Bowl 48 ticket prices so high is to cut out the tickets brokers:

"We are looking to close the gap between the face value of the ticket and the true value of a ticket to what has become the premier sports and entertainment event. The uniqueness of the Super Bowl in the New York/New Jersey is also driving unprecedented demand and buzz."

The cheapest Super Bowl 48 tickets are actually going down in price, dropping from $600 down to $500. But a Super Bowl 48 tickets lottery for those cheap seats is already closed. About 30,000 NFL fans were allowed to enter but only 1,000 winners will be announced this fall.

The most expensive Super Bowl 48 tickets prices are also being justified as being a good deal since you'll have access to the stadium's restaurant. We'd also assume the higher priced Super Bowl 48 tickets will make sure the electric bill is fully paid this time around... (Rim shot!)

Do you think the 2014 Super Bowl 48 tickets prices are fair?