‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Install Issues And Solutions

Grand Theft Auto 5 install issues appear to be plaguing gamers on both sides of the fence, and here are some solutions that might fix them.

Yesterday, Rockstar’s highly anticipated sandbox title GTA 5 hit stores both physically and digitally, and games have been having problems with the installation procedures ever since, possibly dampening the game’s chances at being 2013’s Game of the Year.

For PS3 users who can’t seem to get Grand Theft Auto 5 installed to their consoles, Sony says that anyone experiencing the 80029564 install error should contact PlayStation Support. Gamers have been giving up on the PS3 version of a game they’d been waiting months to play, saying their response was “too little too late” and demanding refunds after failing to deliver the goods as promised.

Sony replied to gamers having trouble downloading their game, “Once again apologies for the problems you have had and if you have any questions please ask.” Those responsible are working diligently to create patches that might fix the problems PS3 gamers are experiencing.

Xbox 360 owners with Grand Theft Auto 5 install issues have encountered different problems. Digital purchases have been known to turn out with a lot of graphical pop-ups, which may be just a result of poor planning for digital downloads. Apparently the game works best when the two parts are installed in different places, so it is reading from both at once and not trying to load from multiple places on the same drive and slowing down the processing speed. That was how the game was intended to be run, according to Rockstar.

For GTA5 players who found themselves doing as instructed and still encountering gameplay issues, Rockstar suggests using a large capacity USB flash drive and installing the “play” disc to it, eliminating the need for the game to read constantly from the disc and possibly speed up progress toward the “red ring of death.” Install the appropriate disc to the hard drive, and the other to a USB flash drive for best results.

Hopefully these suggestions will help gamers experiencing Grand Theft Auto 5 install issues.