Guns In Louisiana: Small Town Arms Students, Staff

Guns in a Louisiana town could cause gun control issues to escalate. DeQuincy, Louisiana, is arming its students and staff with hand guns.

In an era where school shootings are sadly becoming more and more commonplace, some are taking drastic measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. While the government is attempting to put more laws in place governing the ownership of firearms, others are taking less conventional approaches. Some politicians and religious leaders are claiming that gun violence is the direct result of video games as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but for now we’re talking about the measures being taken in a small town in Louisiana.

Three different schools in the Louisiana town are taking gun control in a previously unexplored direction by placing handguns in the possession of students and staff, and semi-automatic rifles are being given to armed guards at every entrance.

History has suggested that this could end up in disaster, but school district supervisor Arnie Bennings feels differently. He believes that putting guns in Louisiana’s students’ and staff’s possession will discourage strangers from attempting to pull off a shooting spree. Of course, he’s not thinking about a potential shooter actually being one of the students or staff.

Arnie Bennings states:

“We won’t ever let a tragedy like Sandy Hook happen here in DeQuincy. We understand it’s a big step putting guns in the hands of school children but drastic times call for drastic measures. I dare some psycho to even think about coming here and shooting up our school. I would love to see how far they get. I’m thinking, maybe within 100 yards of the school before one of our students puts him down permanently.”

The head of the local NRA agrees wholeheartedly that this new approach may just be the solution to school shootings in general. Bill Hanson told CNN that if students were armed from the start, the problem would solve itself, and school shootings would be a thing of the past.

Guns in Louisiana schools are certainly a new direction for gun control.