Chiefs Andy Reid Focused On Game, Not Return To Philadelphia

The Kansas City Chiefs travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. For Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, the game marks his first return to the city he coached the last 14 years.

During Reid’s tenure in Philly he led the team to the playoffs nine times, made it to the NFC Championship game five times, and went to one Super Bowl once. It was a historic coaching run that ended in disaster.

The Eagles finished 4-12 in 2012 in a terrible season that saw Reid fired and Chip Kelly brought in to right the sinking ship.

Andy Reid was quickly snatched up by Kansas City to right their sinking ship. Reid traded for Alex Smith and the Chiefs are 2-0 after two weeks. Last season Kansas City finished 2-14.

On Thursday night all eyes will be on Andy Reid and how he reacts to returning to Philadelphia. For his part Reid is staying focused:

“Once you’re in this thing and you’re grinding and you’re getting ready for a football team, a good football team, you put all of that aside. I know all of the questions and all of that. … It’s not very fluffy, but that’s what’s real.”

Andy Reid can say whatever he wants, once he’s in the stadium in front of a sold out crowd, it will be emotional. He spent 14 years molding the Philadelphia Eagles. He made them on the best teams in the NFL. It can’t be easy to return after so long with a different team.

Here is a preview of the game:

One thing is certain, the applause will be loud when Andy Reid’s name is announced before the game. The Eagles have some of the best fans in sports. Once the game starts the boos will be plentiful. It will only be appropriate.

Do you think Andy Reid is keeping his focus on the game? Will he have an emotional return to Philadelphia?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]