James Franco Instagrams Car Sex Photos For Gossip Sites

What is James Franco doing with his time in Canada? It looks like Franco is having a little fun in Montreal with an unidentified blonde. Currently James is filming Wim Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine, and it looks like he got a bit bored during his break. Franco decided to have himself a good time when he posted photos of himself and a blonde in a car in different suggestive poses as he drove around town.

James Franco’s suggestive car sex photos of him and the blonde were Instagrammed by the actor for all of his followers to see. In hoping to get the fire started, Franco engaged a few celebrity gossip sites by hashtagging certain keywords that would get a rise out of the publications.

In one of the collages that Franco made from the photos, the actor hashtagged “paparazzipics” “justjared” and of course, his own Instagram handle of “jamesfrancotv” for those who are searching for the actor on Instagram.

In another photo that has since been deleted, Franco hashtagged Perez Hilton, and used clearer photos with his signature graffiti scrawl over the photos that said, “Franco Tryst! Who’s the guuuurl??” which is sure to taunt a few gossip sites. The photo that was deleted had a more explicit version of the photo he decided to leave up on his Instagram account. On the deleted photo he even scrawled Perez Hilton’s name directly on the photo in hopes to create a conversation, or to indirectly comment on how gossip sites never end the speculation surrounding his love life.

James Franco Instagram

Franco was last linked to his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson. The story got picked up by Perez Hilton and Just Jared, among other sites, which makes sense on why Franco would use those two publications to target the pictures at.

While promoting Spring Breakers James Franco went on Howard Stern, and when Stern brought up whether he and Ashley Benson turned their heat up off-screen, Franco denied that anything happened off the set of the cult hit.

Just to indulge James Franco – who do you think is in the car with him? Is the blonde girl the Pretty Little Liars beauty or is it just someone playing a part? You tell us.

Check out James Franco on Howard Stern:

[Image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]