Immanuel Kant Philosophical Debate In Russia Ends In Shooting

A philosophical debate over the work of Immanuel Kant saw a man shot several times after the dispute descended into a violent debacle.

Two men were apparently waiting for a beer when they became embroiled in a high brow discussion that revolved around the German philosopher. Their argument became more and more intense before it finally erupted in violence.

It’s believed that the pair, at first, threw punches at one another before one of those involved then decided to pull out a small nonlethal pistol, which he shot repeatedly.

Kant, who authored the integral text Critique of Pure Reason, has been blamed for the shooting after a police spokeswoman confirmed that he was the topic of their altercation.

Officers have so far refused to name the men, who were both in their 20s; howeverm they have admitted that they now have the shooter in custody while the man who was shot is now in hospital recovering from his injuries. His condition has been described as stable.

The attacker, who fled the scene before being captured, could now be imprisoned for 10 years, and he is now set to be charged with the intentional infliction of serious bodily harm.


It’s still not known which of Kant’s theories the duo were arguing about.

Immanuel Kant is regarded as the central figure of modern philosophy, and, between 1724 until his death in 1804, he wrote and created numerous integral pieces that has influenced various fields including ethics, political philosophy, and metaphysics.

Kant worked non-stop for 60 years and only ever took time out of his studies to go for a walk at 3.30 pm, which he did every day. Kant was less than 5 feet tall and suffered from terrible health for most of his life, so much so that he never left his home of Konigsberg in Prussia throughout his life.

[Image via Esquilo/Wikimedia]