TGT Sits Down For Talk About Reality TV, Family Values And Materialism

R&B supergroup TGT recent sat down for an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine and their insight into family values, materialism, and reality TV may surprise some fans.

TGT is composed of singers Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese, men who are all familiar with the topics the discussed in length.

Talking about reality TV Ginuwine revealed that his family almost landed their own show. Genuine reveals that his own brood actually shot a pilot episode for a reality TV show but their refusal to act like fools for fools sake eventually led to a rather boring premise. The singer adds that “Reality TV has introduced us to new interpretations of dysfunction.”

The men all appear to be in agreement that TV these days is missing the Good Times and The Cosby Show, both which showcased positive family units living in harmony with one another. Without those shows the men say family values are continuing to erode.

ATank says he refuses to be a part of the negative epidemic that is “affecting the overall understanding of Black family values.”

During the Sister 2 Sister interview Tyrese said it is materialism that really worries him with today’s values. “You got people with no souls that are concerned about their shoe soles.”

TGT Sister To Sister Magazine

The full interview will appear in the October 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister. In the meantime you can watch a preview of the issue below:

Do you agree with the men of TGT? Do we need to ditch reality TV and materialism and get back to the family values of the past?