Mark Wahlberg Gets High School Diploma, Says ‘Never Give Up’

Mark Wahlberg has conquered what he calls his “toughest role yet,” a high school diploma, making him a graduate, finally.

Just in case you were not aware of it, Wahlberg, who is known for portraying the tough guy in his films, dropped out of school, never finishing the ninth grade.

And even though he has done very well for himself, with a lucrative and successful Hollywood career as an actor, that cannot be said for all high school drop-outs.

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Wahlberg says, “My circumstances were not unlike millions of other teens today, who live in tough working class neighborhoods surrounded by drugs, violence and crime, and who struggle to stay on the right path without positive influences.”

Wahlberg readily admits that he is one of the few lucky ones. Many teenagers find themselves unemployed and living in poverty after dropping out of school.

Twenty eight years after leaving school, Mr. Wahlberg found out he could take classes online. He has been working hard for almost a year to finish his courses and receive his High School diploma.

The actor proudly states:

“For almost a year, I’ve been taking classes and studying any chance I could get – on the set, traveling for work and at home. It has been both humbling and challenging, but I’m happy to report that I am officially a high school graduate, having received my diploma this summer.”

Mark Wahlberg adds that he was able to go back to school because he knew he wasn’t alone and he has a message for those asking for a second chance: “I have a message for you: never give up. Keep believing in yourselves and don’t make small plans.”

After becoming a Hollywood star, the popular actor established the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to make a difference in youngsters’ lives. To help kids graduate from High School, Wahlberg partnered with other institutions, including the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

How do you feel about Mark Wahlberg’s desire to finish High School and get his GED?