Gold-Plated Lamborghini Is The World’s Most Expensive Car

Lamborghini have always been known for their high performance, head turning cars. Now they are going one step further with their new gold-plated Lamborghini, which will set you back a cool $7.5 million.

The car is carved from a 500-kilogram block of solid gold and will contain about 25 kilograms of gold in the finished product. Just the precious metals and gemstones that adorn the car are valued at $2.64 million.

The car will go to auction, where the starting price is set at $7.5 million, with $650,000 of that being donated to charity. The gold-plated Lamborghini boasts a V12 engine and a huge 700 bhp.

The model on display in Dubai is in fact just a prototype as the car hasn’t been produced as yet. This is so that individual customer specifications, which one would expect for such a price, can be added.

The vehicle has secured a place for itself three times in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive car ever, having the most secure showcase, and featuring the most luxurious logo.

Lamborghini commented on the gold-plated car, saying it “is indeed a very sound investment in precious metals and gemstones”, with “enormous potential for this value to increase significantly”.

A spokesperson for the company told CNBC that there has only been minimal interest, as yet, in the Lamborghini on display in Dubai.

It remains to be seen what the final price of the gold-plated Lamborghini will be at auction. If you have a spare $7.5 million, why not pop over to Dubai for the sale. At the very least, you could sell just the gold in the car for $1.2 million!