BAE Plans To Use E-Ink....To Camouflage Tanks

James Johnson

British Defense firm BAE Systems wants to extend the use of E-Ink technology from eReaders to tanks. The company has laid out plans that could put E-Ink camouflaging technology into the field in a "very short" period of time.

The technology, in its most simple of terms would use sensors to collect outside data from around the tank, before distributing that information over an E-Ink surface. The sensors would use the tanks surrounding terrain, colors and any other available information to project a surface that matches the tanks surroundings, allowing it to become hidden.

On the one hand, BAE Systems believe they can make this technology a reality in the near future, on the other hand, the technology according to DVICE is simply way too expensive to deploy at this time, especially in a battlefield scenario where fixes would be constant and testing would be required.

BAE is calling for deployment of the technology "in the next few years."

Throw in some 3G connectivity and soldiers can catch up with their favorite authors before they blow some stuff up.