Colin Kaepernick Was Nearly Traded To Eagles, Russell Wilson Stood In His Way

Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson faced off on Monday Night Football, but that matchup almost didn’t occur.

According to a new report, Kaepernick and Wilson were both considered for a trade and draft to the Philadelphia Eagles.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter claims the 49ers nearly traded Kaepernick to the Eagles. The 49ers at the time of the potential trade were asking for a second-round pick prior to the 2012 draft.

The Eagles backed out of the Kaepernick deal because they believed landing Russell Wilson was a possibility.

According to Schefter, the Eagles wanted Russell Wilson so badly that they “geared their whole draft” around his acquisition. The Seahawks spoiled those draft hopes after they chose Wilson 13 spots before the Eagles could jump on his acquisition in round three.

If that rumor is correct, the Philadelphia Eagles may have been better off using one of their two second-round picks to grab Wilson. If chosen, he may have taken over from Vick or won the job after Vick suffered from a concussion during the regular season. Instead, Andy Reid was eventually fired, and the Eagles ended up with a new starting quarterback.

Last season, Wilson faced off against the 49ers, but Colin Kaepernick was a lowly backup QB at the time.

Andy Reid may have had the last laugh. He attempted to trade for Alex Smith several times while running operations for the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid is now in Kansas City, and, with Smith in tow, he finally got his way.

Do you think sitting on the Russell Wilson draft was a mistake? Should the Seahawks have picked up Colin Kaepernick when they had the guaranteed chance?