49ers Patrick Willis Unhappy With League Stance On Cut Blocks

San Francisco 49ers all pro linebacker Patrick Willis is unhappy that the NFL hasn’t banned cut blocks. Willis spoke out after teammate Ian Williams broke his ankle on a cut block Sunday night.

The 49ers lost 29-3 to the Seahawks on Sunday. Four starters left with injuries, none more seriously than Ian Williams. Williams season is now over because of a hit the NFL deems legal.

After the game a number of 49ers spoke out against cut blocks, none more vocally than Willis. Speaking with Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area, Willis said, “I feel like as a linebacker or a D-lineman, any cut, it’s a man sport — be a man, hit me up high.”

It’s clear Patrick Willis is unhappy with the league. He continued, “you see some of that stuff, and it’s uncalled for. You have a guy who’s 300 pounds cutting a guy who’s 250 pounds. Do physics to that. Hit the man up high. It should be a good collision.”

Another 49er, Ray McDonald, thinks the league needs to “do something” about cut blocks. He’s not happy the NFL has not turned their safety first attention to defenders.

The players have a point. The league has completely changed the way defenders can tackle to keep offensive players safe. Defenders expose themselves to injury as much as offensive players. Is it fair that a defender can’t aim high to tackle while that same defender can be taken out at the knees or ankles without repercussion?

Here is ESPN on Willis:

It should also be noted Patrick Willis extra emotional after the loss. We don’t know what Willis might have said had San Francisco won. Some might look at his words as “whining” because of the loss.

Do you think Patrick Willis has a point about cut blocks, or was he just frustrated with the loss?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]