‘Grace Of Monaco”s Teases Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly [Video]

Since it was announced that Nicole Kidman would play Grace Kelly, people have salivated over a first look of Kidman all dolled up for Kelly. Now we finally have few glimpses of Kidman was Grace Kelly, as the teaser trailer has been released for Grace of Monaco.

With a November 27 release date, it’s sure to be embraced by at least some Oscar talk. Though we don’t think it’s her year to win, Kidman will certainly be nominated for her role as Grace Kelly. It’s practically a bylaw now that if you’re playing a role that’s based on a figure that once existed, you better get in your gown or tux come Oscar night. This nomination for Kidman is definitely in the bag, and it’s also a plus that she’s playing such an identifiable cultural icon like Grace Kelly.

The teaser trailer for Grace of Monaco screams pure class, clichéd yes, but it encases itself in class better than a Debeers engagement commercial. The cinematography looks absolutely stunning, and while it is a teaser trailer, it is a bit worrying that we don’t get to see an extreme up close shot of Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. One may figure that since we’re starting award season, that the studio may want to put Kidman at the forefront.

Take for example, Naomi Watt’s first look as Diana, in the now panned film about Princess Diana. They fearlessly revealed Watt’s stunning resemblance, but when you look to the teaser featuring Kidman, there’s none of that.

In addition to Kidman as Grace Kelly, Grace of Monaco also stars Tim Roth, Parker Posey, Milo Ventimiglia, Paz Vega, and Derek Jacobi in supporting roles.

The film is said to follow Grace Kelley’s crisis of marriage and identity. Too vague for us but perhaps time will reveal all.

Until then, take a peak at Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco: