'Last Days On Mars' Teaser Trailer Released [Video]

Niki Cruz

Is space our big theme for this year's films? While we're not quick to label it the year of space, we are quick to point out that Last Days on Mars, is definitely in some great company. It seems as though Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is leading a good example for Ruairi Robinson's Last Days on Mars.

Last Days on Mars stars Liev Schreiber, Olivia Williams, Romola Garai, and Elias Koteas in a feature about a group of astronauts, who are pretty close to ending their mission on Mars. The group discover evidence of life in the form of bacteria, but instead of returning home, one by one, they wind up getting killed off.

Does Last Days on Mars sound familiar to you? The basic plot sounds a bit like Prometheus, which was a prequel of sorts to the Alien franchise. Although we're not coming down on it for lack of originality, because it can still be pretty satisfying as a film if under the right context.

Universal's Last Day on Mars will find itself utilizing the VOD platform and then rolling out a limited release on December 6. Many films have utilized this method of getting their films out there. The fact that Last Days on Mars is setting for a VOD release on Halloween, really speaks to the smart marketing that Universal is pushing out for this film.

So far the film's reception has been pretty mixed. Jordan Hoffman from Film.com has summed up Last Days on Mars' problems as "a study of just how to screw up what ought to be an awesome movie." On the other coin is a review from The Hollywood Reporter that came out of Cannes, which said the film's script lacks, but there was still a display of promising raw talent.

THR's David Rooney writes: "The solid cast keeps it reasonably gripping nonetheless. Its ambition alone will make this a useful calling card for Los Angeles-based Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson."

Are you interested in seeing The Last Days on Mars? Check out the teaser trailer below: