Navy Yard Shooters Muslim Terrorists? Al Qaeda Leader Promised ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks

Are the Navy Yard shooters Muslim terrorists supported by al Qaeda?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one Navy Yard shooter is dead, but a potential second and third shooter is still at large.

The dead Navy Yard shooter was a black man who apparently had a handgun, an AR-15 assault rifle, and a shotgun with him and was wearing dark blue clothing. No name has been released. The two other potential Navy Yard shooters are being described by police reports as a white man wearing a naval military uniform and carrying a handgun. The other Navy Yard shooting suspect is a black male, estimated to be around the age of 50, wearing drab military style uniform and carrying a “long gun,” possibly a rifle or shotgun.

Already some reports are linking the Washington Navy Yard shooting to al Qaeda and Muslim terrorist attacks. For example, DebkaFILE reports on the Navy Yard shooting then points out that the “Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri issued a videotaped call for an adherent to carry out a ‘lone wolf attack’ inside the United States.” Alex Jones’ Info Wars says the same, except they add the caveat that they are uncertain whether the “shooters at the Navy Yard in Washington are in fact Muslims acting under the direction of al-Qaeda or inspired by the video produced by Ayman al-Zawahri.”

Even Reuters made a connection between the Fort Hood shooting and Muslim terrorists, pointing out how the Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for murdering 13 people in 2009. Hasan says he gunned down his fellow soldiers in retaliation for US wars in Muslim countries and has not attempted to defend himself in military court. But Reuters may have mentioned the Ford Hood shooter merely because the Washington Navy Yard is also a military facility under attack by a shooter.

This is what the Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri said about lone wolf attacks two days ago:

“We should bleed America economically by provoking it to continue in its massive expenditure on its security, for the weak point of America is its economy, which has already begun to stagger due to the military and security expenditure. As we defeated it in the gang warfare in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, so we should follow it with…war on its own land. These disparate strikes can be done by one brother or a few of the brothers.”

al-Zawahri goes so far as to explicitly connect the Boston marathon bombing to al Qaeda efforts, saying, “The Boston incident confirms to the Americans… that they are not facing individuals, organizations or groups, but they are facing an uprising Ummah (Muslim community), that rose in jihad to defend its soul, dignity and capabilities.”

So far, no military or government official has made any connection between the Navy Yard shooting and terrorism. Reports from the Department of Homeland Security make no mention of terrorism, but they are unlikely to announce any specific claims until more evidence is gathered.

One media mention so far is by, which points out that in 1983 the Washington Navy Yard’s Computer Center was damaged in a terrorist bombing. But CNN made this point more clearly, with Barbar Starr specifically saying the Washington Navy Yard shooting might be a broader plot:

“We are only a few days past the 9/11 attacks here in Washington, D.C. If there are two shooters, Wolf, if that problems to be correct, it is going to be the most significant fact. It is going to mean that two people conspired to carry out this attack, that they talked about it ahead of time, that they planned it ahead of time. Even if it was just a short period ahead of time, that they had a plan to do this.”

Do you think the Fort Hood shooters might be Muslim terrorists linked to al Qaeda?