‘Mutant League Football’ Remake Seeking Comeback Through Kickstarter

The Mutant League Football remake of the classic semi-parody of the sport from back in the day is going for a Kickstarter comeback.

Back when the Sega Genesis was still battling the SNES for dominance in the console wars (as previously reported by The Inquisitr), there was a semi-parody series of sports titles featuring zombies, mutants, and other odd things playing football and hockey. One title in the series was called Mutant League Football, and it was Electronic Arts’ attempt at adding a sense of humor to sports using the creepy and kooky warmongers that made the games famous.

Of course, some fans might start demanding cameos from other games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but we must remember that there are copyright issues involved in crossovers like that. How fun would it be if, for example, Alex Mercer from Prototype used a chain whip to grab the ball in mid-toss and then proceeded to score the winning touchdown? Yes, that’s about what we can hope to expect if the Mutant League Football remake takes the route that gamers today might want. That isn’t likely, though, but this remake might surprise us.

The classic game initially took the engine from Madden ’93 and added comic touches such as land mines, fire pits, and bribes to the referee, which could only be done twice in one game. The idea was to take the sport and make it more arcade-like in execution, bringing in a broader audience.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mutant League Football remake started today with the goal of raising $750,000 to make Android, iOS, and Xbox Live Arcade versions of the game. The designers will include a cast of talents from professional comedy writers to veteran game developers, and even the original guy who started it all, so even if those cameos that gamers may be hoping for don’t make it in, at least the game should be entertaining enough that we won’t miss them. Stretch goals will see the game made for the Xbox One and PS4.

Check out the pitch video for the Mutant League Football remake and possibly make a donation by clicking here.