Michelle Pfeiffer Discusses The Pain Of Aging In Hollywood

Michelle Pfeiffer has revealed the pain of growing older under a spotlight. The 55-year-old actress admits her struggles to fight aging. However, she is ready to return to Hollywood.

Pfeiffer and her husband, David E. Kelly, left their Los Angeles home to raise their children in peace. The couple moved to San Fransisco when Claudia Rose was 11 and John was 10.

As both children are now in college, 55-year-old Pfeiffer is ready to resume her career. This month she will appear with Robert De Niro in a dark comedy titled The Family.

Pfieffer and De Niro play a husband and wife who have ties to the mafia. The couple and their children leave the country with the witness-protection program. Hilarity ensues as the family struggles to adapt to their new lifestyle.

Despite Pfeiffer’s continued success and popularity, she still feels insecure.

In an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal, Michelle Pfeiffer discusses her anxiety:

“I still think I’m going to be fired in the first week… Always… I guess it’s fear of failure.”

Pfeiffer also discussed the difficulty of aging in Hollywood. She says watching herself age “on a giant movie screen” is painful. She further reveals that “it can wreak havoc on your psyche.”

Although it has not been easy, Pfeiffer has come to terms with the aging process. She says she has managed to age gracefully and feels comfortable with her appearance.

As reported by Huffington Post, she credits a vegan diet for keeping her healthy. In addition to dietary changes, Pfeiffer maintains a strict exercise routine, which includes free weights and running.

Pfeiffer explains that she made a conscious decision to change her lifestyle. When her father died of cancer, and her mother was diagnosed was dementia, Pfeiffer researched and adapted to a healthier way of life.

Michelle Pfeiffer has one of the most recognized names and faces in Hollywood. Although she has struggled with the aging process, she managed to maintain her stunning appearance.

[Image via DFree / Shutterstock.com]