'Pokemon X And Y' Starter Evolutions And Special Announcement

Pokemon X and Y starter evolutions are leading the latest update alongside a special announcement.

It's that time again. The time has come to ready your Pokeballs and catch the latest news surrounding Nintendo's upcoming megahit Pokemon X and Y for 3DS. In this special episode, we will give you info about the generation six starter evolutions, and drop the latest announcement in a video released just today.

Chespin, the grass-type starter Pokemon for generation six, will evolve into Quilladin, a spiky armored Pokemon. This starter Pokemon evolution will only attack if it is being attacked, but this isn't necessarily bad, since it is rumored that even a fully loaded 18-wheeler could hit the Quilladin without even making it flinch. Please don't test the theory in real life. When attacked, it responds with the Mud Shot move, which not only damages opponents but also slows them down.

The Pokemon X and Y starter evolution for Fennekin is Braixen, a fire-type fox Pokemon which seems to have a twig stuck in its tail. It gnaws on the stick occasionally and uses it as a weapon. Braixen can learn the psychic move known as Psyshock, which damages according to its opponent's defense stats.

The water-type Pokemon Froakie will evolve into Frogadier, with the ability to leap 2,000-foot towers and will use it against opponents. This attack will be called Bounce, which happens in two moves, one of which is the leap and the second of which is the landing.

The special announcement that Gamefreak was waiting until today to release was that they are bringing back "Gotta Catch 'Em All" along with a code hunt where you can win free stuff. Check out the video above for a cute semi-dubstep version of the theme song and get ready to catch over 700 Pokemon when Pokemon X and Y launches next month.

What do you think of the sixth generation Pokemon X and Y starter evolutions and the special announcement?