How To Survive Change

I run with some big dogs. Established writers, media mavericks, pop-culture mavens, political pundits, industry leaders and successful innovators are among those I call my "buddies."

With a few exceptions, my friends are experiencing seismic shifts in their professional lives. Many of my close associates are going through re-alignments in their professional careers. Each call, email, instant message is a replay of the previous contact. Tales of downsizing, layoffs, funding woes and sudden change are now common among my circle of once mighty acquaintances.

I have no doubt that these individuals will rise again to lofty positions of influence and success. There is a common thread among these people. Extreme talent honed through hard work. They approach life with unfettered zeal and passion. They create solutions through smart thinking. No economic down-turn is without opportunities. I am confident that my friends will find or create those opportunities. What we choose to do during crisis defines our character. Depression doesn't work. A new plan of attack is needed when searching for that next step in the professional experience.

Surviving change takes action, common sense and uncommon strength. Here are a few tips to make this transitional time less painful.

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