‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ ‘iFruit’ Companion App Gives You A Dog And A Personal Garage

The Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit companion app gives you a dog and a garage to customize your cars.

Just when you thought GTA 5 was already doing it all, Rockstar Games shows us there was still more we could do as it launched a new app today on iOS and Android. What this app does is it gives you a dog to train, as well as a personal garage.

Yes, Grand Theft Auto 5 now has something in common with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Franklin‘s friend’s dog Chop will be yours to train, giving you something to do in the hours you’re not sitting in front of your PS3 or Xbox 360 committing dirty deeds for not so dirt cheap.

Now how would a dog be useful in a game like Grand Theft Auto 5? Chop the friendly rottweiler will help out in-game as he finds hidden items, give an extra level of assistance as an attacker on missions, and provide hours of additional fun. The Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit companion app will also have you training your dog to do the basic pet things like fetch (again, useful in-game), sit, beg, and basically entertain you.

The garage you get in the Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit companion app will allow you to use a place it calls Los Santos Customs. The app explains that you can:

“create and reserve unique [license] plates for use in [GTA 5] and GTA Online, as well as the ability to [customize] owned cars, and place an order on-the-go and find it waiting in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto 5 – or send an order in while playing and get a text from your local mechanic to swing by.”

For those of you who want to play GTA 5 even when your PS3 and Xbox 360 are turned off for a while, you can still enjoy the game on your smartphone using the Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit companion app.