September 30, 2013
Dez Bryant Injury Didn't Stop Insane Catch, But Others Focus On The Chiefs Drop

Dez Bryant's injury didn't stop some insane catches, but others are focusing on the one big drop near the end of the Sunday game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Dez Bryant injury had some people wondering when he'd be able to play for the Dallas Cowboys again.

In the past, Dez Bryant had a bone graft for one of his injuries. But this new foot injury promised to slow down his game. Still, Dez Bryant was green lit on Friday for the Kansas City Chiefs game. But now some people might be thinking Dez Bryant injured his hands, not his feet.

At this point, no one is talking about Dez Bryant's insane catch and a great 53-yard run. No one is even mentioning the touchdown or his other nine catches, which owner Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant "really had us in position to win this ballgame." All everyone wants to talk about is Dez Bryant dropping the ball during the fourth quarter.

The Dez Bryant drop has the Cowboys receiver kicking himself for the fumble:

"I took my eyes off of the ball. I shouldn't have. That was a real bad mistake on my end. That is not winning football. That's something that I just don't do. Can't do that. Can't win like that."
Dez Bryant's mistake didn't kill the game for the Cowboys. They were only 4 points down with almost nine minutes left on the clock. Still, the way things went down left Dez Bryant feeling "not satisfied at all."

[Dez Bryant Image via Instagram]