Adam Richman: ‘Man V. Food’ Star Sheds 60 Pounds

Adam Richman has revealed an impressive 60 pound weight loss. The Man v. Food star is well-known for his love of food and food-eating challenges. However, the 39-year-old recently took on a new challenge — resisting some of his favorite meals.

Richman says he lost most of the weight by restricting white flour and dairy products. He has also stepped back from competing in food challenges.

In addition to the diet restrictions, Richman began an exercise routine. He says he is pleased with the weight loss, and his new physique.

Although he made numerous lifestyle changes, Adam Richman maintains his love of food. Unfortunately, his enjoyment of eating led to his biggest challenge.

As reported by Examiner, Richman was most recently tempted when his crew members ordered several pizzas. He says the smell was overwhelming.

Despite the temptation, Richman did not give in. While his colleagues dined on pizza, he enjoyed “Greek yogurt with raw almonds, water, and an iced coffee.”

As reported by People, Richman realizes his lifestyle was unhealthy. However, he is proud of the career he built around food:

Man v. Food was the biggest career-defining opportunity. I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries.”

In the hit reality show, Richman traveled the nation seeking the most interesting and challenging food-eating competitions. He was not always successful. However, he rarely denied a challenge.

The new diet is an incredible change for the man who once inhaled five pounds of pizza, and attempted to finish an 8-pound steak and fry platter. However, a weight loss of 60 pounds will certainly improve his overall health.

Adam Richman does not plan to avoid food or food challenges, he will simply refrain from participating. He says he will now enjoy watching his fans enjoy the competitions.

Latest photo of Adam with his new physique: Here

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