‘Insidious 2’ Producer Hopes James Wan Will Return For Another Sequel

Insidious: Chapter 2 producer Jason Blum is hoping that acclaimed horror director James Wan will seriously consider returning for another sequel.

The follow-up to the filmmaker’s 2010 box office hit surprised everyone by amassing $41 million in ticket sales over the weekend. Since the movie only cost $5 million to make, Blum obviously wants to put together another sequel as soon as possible.

The Paranormal Activity producer recently told the folks at Cinema Blend that he wants James Wan and writer Leigh Whannel to help out with the third installment of the series. However, neither the writer nor the director would discuss that possibility until the film’s release.

“I would love to make a third film, but James and Leigh will not hear of it until this movie comes out. So, I’d be thrilled to make a third movie, but there is no current plan to make a third movie at all. Only in my head!” Jason Blum told the website.

Just because Insidious 2 is a hit at the box office doesn’t mean that the filmmaker will return for another go-around. According to Wan, the sequel would be his final foray into the world of horror for the foreseeable future.

“I’m going to go on record and say I am finished with the horror genre. ‘Conjuring’ and ‘Insidious 2′ are my two last scary movies. I spent the last ten years of my life doing this. It’s time for a change,” the director told Moviefone.

Instead of following up Insidious 2 with another horror picture, Wan is shifting gears. The director was recently tapped to bring Fast and Furious 7 to the big screen. The movie is now shooting in Atlanta.

Were you surprised that Insidious 2 was a hit at the box office over the weekend? Do you think James Wan and Leigh Whannel will return for another installment?

[Image via FilmDistrict]