Rita Ora Gets Giant Ribcage Tattoo Of A Topless Woman

Rita Ora as some new ink, and it's a bit racy.

The singer got a new tattoo this week from celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy, a portrait on her ribcage showing a topless woman. Ora, who went with model friend Cara Delevinge to get the ink, showed off the new body art to her fans on Instagram, also letting them know the name of her topless woman.

"Say hello to my new little friend Rosetta...thank you @bangbangnyc she's beautiful," Rita Ora wrote.

Bang Bang McCurdy said Rita's was the most detailed tattoo he's ever done on a celebrity, saying he was going for a pin-up girl look. In all the tattoo took him five hours to complete, but he said that Rita was a trooper through the long session and did a great job.

It's no small tattoo, either

"The tattoo is on her right ribcage. It's big!," Bang Bang McCurdy said. "When she's standing it's about 7 inches tall, but when she's laying down it's about 10 inches, plus."

For Rita it was a bit of a girls' night out. She and her friend Cara ordered Mexican food and went to a late-night dance party --- where Cara decided to put on a hamburger suit.

"She just pulled it out of her purse, put it on, and was like, 'just me and my hamburger, what, what!," Bang Bang said, adding, "she's hilarious. She's genuinely fun, one of my favorite people."

Rita Ora Gets Tattoo Of A Topless Woman

The tattoo was Cara's fifth, though she seems to be ready for more.

"Cara actually texted me the next day and wanted to come in for another one," McCurdy said, noting that he told her to wait a bit to make sure it was what she really wanted.

But the experience wasn't all that easy for Cara. McCurdy said Rita Ora had to hold her hand through the experience to get over the pain of the tattoo needle.