Meet Wing Wen, the two faced dog

Chinese scientists have unveiled Wing Wen, billed as the worlds first two faced dog.

Wing Wen had a quarter face transplant two years as part of research into human face transplants. Under the surgery, the Beagle received new skin, an ear and eyelids.

Quoted in The Sun, Zhen Shengwu, chief plastic surgeon at the Fujian Provincial Hospital in Fuzhou, is now hoping to attract rich westerners for face change surgery.

Wing is mentally and physically healthy after the surgery which was a great success. Wing Wen recovered quickly and most observers would think the dog was born with a mixed-coloured face. But you can see the difference from the ears.

Wen's original ear on the right side hangs down, while the new ear on the other side stands up.

At the time if you put your finger close to his left eye, he would blink or close it. That means the nerves on the transplanted face are working well.

It gets better:

To some patients whose faces were greatly damaged because of burning, car accidents, animal attacks or tumours, face-changing surgery can greatly improve their quality of life. So it's worthwhile to advertise it with examples like this.

Yes, because a patchwork dog inspires true confidence among Western consumers. Side note: the transplant donor didn't fare so well, and was killed as part of the operation.