Peyton Manning Defeats Little Brother Eli Again

Peyton Manning defeated his little brother, Eli, for the third time in the brothers’ NFL careers. This time, Peyton’s two touchdowns helped the Broncos top the Giants by a score of 41 to 23.

Peyton threw two touchdown passes to help the Broncos win. He also got a big boost from Knowshon Moreno, who rushed for two touchdowns and 93 yards.

Peyton and Eli Manning are the latest siblings to have a rivalry on the field, reports The Los Angeles Times. Peyton’s first two wins against his brother came when he played quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

Eli Manning was able to get one touchdown pass, but he also suffered four interceptions. With Sunday’s win, the Broncos are now 2-0 for the season, while the Giants are 0 for 2.

USA Today notes that the Manning Bowl also saw Peyton become the third player to have more than 60,000 career yards passing. The 60,000th yard happened on Denver’s opening drive. The older Manning’s two touchdowns came with the help of by Wes Welker and Julius Thomas.

While the game between the Broncos and the Giants was nicknamed the Manning Bowl, it ended up being more about Moreno than the sibling quarterbacks’ rivalry. Moreno scored on two sprints and helped out several other times.

The game showed Denver’s dominance early on this season, no doubt making some fans wonder if the team has a shot at the Super Bowl this year. Both brothers have Super Bowl titles, though Eli has one more than his older brother. While Denver’s dominance came through during the matchup, the team also suffered from several penalties.

Eli Manning took New York on an 81-yard drive that included several Broncos blunders, including four penalties. Two of the penalties were for pass interference. However, the Giants’ offense couldn’t compare to Moreno, who arguably became the Broncos’ running game for the day. Considered a backup before the season began, it’s likely Moreno will see more playtime in the coming weeks.

While Peyton Manning beat his little brother for a third time, we’re sure Eli believes the fourth game is a charm. Here’s to the next Manning Bowl.

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