Justin Bieber ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Instagram Tease Was Phony

Justin Bieber Batman Vs. Superman Instagram tease was phony after all. One can almost hear the general sigh of relief…well maybe except from the Biebs fans.

On Friday night, the pop star posted a photo to Instagram of what appeared to be the Batman Vs. Superman script alongside a selfie. Many people’s jaw dropped and the masses were scratching their heads.

People were also wondering if Zack Snyder had gone completely mad and vowed to boycott the film if Bieber was going to be a part of it. Even if hottie Henry Cavill, who plays Superman is in it.

Thankfully, it all seems to be just a practical joke from Justin Bieber

Confirmation of the news comes via The Wrap, who assure us that a person with intimate knowledge of the real script says that the one posted on Bieber’s Instagram is not it.

The source says the script shown by Justin Bieber on Instagram is not authentic and the pic is most likely to be used as part of his Funny Or Die sketch.

It was a bit suspicious that he would be advertising such a secretive document for all to see. Usually when an actor signs a contract there is a clause which prohibits them from sharing any details of the film they’re working on.

It has become harder and harder to keep things quiet with social media, in which celebrities share snapshots with fans on Twitter or Facebook.

But we can assure those who were having anxiety attacks that, no, Justin Bieber will NOT be cast as Robin in Batman Vs. Superman movie and more over, no, the biebs doesn’t have a copy of the script in his hands.

After the surprising and more than unwelcome casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, which brought an onslaught of criticism, Warner Bros. wouldn’t do that to us, right?

As a matter of fact, from reports, the script might not even be completed at this point. So, the Justin Bieber tease on Instagram was just a hoax and this writer, for one couldn’t be happier. Anyone with me?