Princess Diana Death Conspiracy Theory: SAS Shined Light In Driver's Face

A solider has claimed that Princess Diana was murdered because a member of the SAS shone a light in her driver's face, which lead to him crashing her automobile.

The unnamed man has insisted that Prince William informed him of these allegations when they attended an advanced driving course in 2008.

The Sunday Mirror has reported that the man stated, "It was the time that Prince William was doing some sort of SAS training in cars. [The soldier] had been doing some car stunts shooting out of windows and had been showing Prince William how to do it."

He continued, "We were talking about it... and I said it was sad that his mum wasn't there to see it. Then he said one of the guys was responsible for the accident, for the death of Diana. I was shocked. I believed what he said."

The paper also added, "If it was not for Prince William being given driving lessons by the SAS, these allegations might never have emerged."

When the man's wife asked for further information, her husband remarked that the SAS had been following Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, her boyfriend who also died in the accident in Paris, for several months.

She then added that it had been ordered by the inner circle of the royal family, who disapproved of Diana's courtship with Fayed.

A further source has added that Dodi and Diana had their phones taped, right up until the car crash that killed them.

An insider told the Sunday Express, "There is no doubt that this technology was used on Diana and all around her, and for very human reasons she was regularly listened to live in the moment."

These rumours lead the soldier to be interviewed by Scotland Yard, and police are now looking to reopen the case.

[Image via Nick Parfjonov/Wikimedia]