Britney Spears ‘Work Bitch’ Gets Early Release After Leak [Audio]

Britney Spears wasn’t planning on releasing her new single “Work Bitch” for a few more days but the singer decided to release it early to combat online piracy.

The singer decided to release the single shortly after “Work Bitch” leaked online.

Britney wrote on Twitter: Woke up today and saw that a low quality version of Work Bitch had leaked :(

A few minutes later, Britney said that she wanted fans to hear the high quality version of the song and that she was going to release “Work Bitch” early.

Britney writes: “@iamwill @OttoKnows and I worked SOOO hard on this song! Can’t wait for you all to hear it like you’re supposed to…

Manager Adam Leber gave a more detailed explanation about the leak. Leber said that “one bad apple” employee decided to leak the song onto the internet. The leak screwed up Britney’s release plans but the singer is making the best of the situation. The song was put on the radio and the internet today. It has also been made available on iTunes.

Leber writes: “Incredibly upset that a low quality recording of leaked last night, ruining the fans first experience with the song. We have moved the radio premier up 24 hours so you guys can hear the song the way it was intended to be heard… and now we are working on moving the iTunes release up 24 hours as well. SPREAD THE WORD! Disheartening that one bad apple had to spoil our release for the entire fan community but nonetheless, we hope you love.”

Britney Spears wasn’t planning on it but here it is, her new single “Work Bitch.”

So…how’d we do? Hope you all love it as much as I do?! #WORKBxxTCHPremiere

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) September 15, 2013