Northampton Clown Leads To Police Warning, Town Mystified

A police warning has been released because a clown has been scaring the residents of Northampton, England.

A man has been dressing up in a full clown costume with make-up, while also carrying red, yellow, white, and blue balloons.

The man has been described as possessing red haired, white white pale face, a bald cap, fake painted on eybrows, and red lipstick.

Police have confirmed that he has appeared in numerous locations, which have included Abington and Kingsley.

Residents in the area have event created a Facebook page in the strange man’s honor.

It’s called Spot Northampton’s Clown, and it has already amassed over 3,000 likes, even though it’s only been alive for just over a day.

The Twitter hashtag, #northamptonclown, has also erupted in popularity.

People from across the town have started to use this to keep residents update of the clown’s whereabouts.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than roaming the streets dressed as a clown. #NorthamptonClown #Freak — British Problems (@Brit_Probs) September 15, 2013

On Friday, police admitted that they were looking to track two teenagers who were caught dressed as clowns, and had been caught acting in a peculiar fashion.

A woman alleged that the duo had knocked on her door in full clown attire before then offering to paint her window sills. However, they didn’t actually have the proper equipment to paint for her.

Various other sightings have since been reported across the town, however it’s not known whether the cases are linked. It would be frightening if they weren’t.