‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Questions Answered [Video]

Your Grand Theft Auto 5 questions are answered in this video.

With Grand Theft Auto 5 only two days from release and Rockstar Games going out of their way to take down all unauthorized media about the game beforehand as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the excitement is as palpable as the questions surrounding what is being called the greatest sandbox game ever made.

The map alone has no doubt released a barrage of questions from gamers wanting to know more before they actually get their hands on GTA 5. In response, IGN hosted a Grand Theft Auto 5 questions and answers session where the creators answer as many of those questions as they can.

The first question comes from Cameron Little, who asks, “How did the game perform technically?”

Daniel Krupa says that in order to let the gamer go anywhere and do anything in GTA 5, some sacrifices were needed, such as some textural details, but there is still an amazing amount of detail still in the game.

Alex Simmons says that there was a lot of attention paid to making every neighborhood look different so it’s easier to get your bearings if you’ve been around the block enough times. There was still a little bit of pop-up as things in the distance got closer, but there are no load times.

Mason Taylor asks the next entry in the video about Grand Theft Auto 5 questions and answers, “Does it run smoothly on PS3 and Xbox 360?”

The answer, in short, is yes.

The next question comes from Adrian Hoyland, who wants to know if those graphics (from the IGN live stream) were really on current-gen consoles.

Again, the answer is yes.

Adam Paton asks, “Will there be a demo before the release?”

Unfortunately, no, there is no chance of a demo before the game is released. Rockstar is going out of their way to ensure that gamers don’t know too much about GTA 5 beforehand.

These questions and more await in the Grand Theft Auto 5 questions and answers session video above.