Selena Gomez Spends The Night With George Shelley In Portugal [Rumor]

Did pop star Selena Gomez and Union J’s George Shelley recently spend the night together in Portugal? According to an anonymous source, the pair enjoyed an amazing evening in one another’s company.

Recent reports suggest that Shelley’s crush on Gomez is not a well-kept secret. Although the guy apparently has his eye on the girl, nothing has happened between them. However, an insider recently dished to The Sun that things could be heating up between the pair.

The conveniently anonymous person told the publication that Selena Gomez and George Shelley spent the night together after Union J performed during her recent tour.

“She invited all the Union J boys and some other members of her entourage to her room and they had a great time drinking and dancing. Selena and George were all over each other and things got very heated. Everyone else left the room at 2 am so they were able to spend the night together,” the unknown insider recently shared with the world.

Since Gomez and Shelley spent the evening together, it’s being reported that the Union J singer missed his flight back to London. Although he failed to meet up with the other members of the group, apparently his band mates didn’t have a bone to pick with the love-struck fellow.

“Nobody was annoyed with George. After all, he’s being pursued by one of the biggest pop stars in the world — it’s any lad’s dream come true,” the source said.

Wired News reports that George Shelley recently revealed his crush on Selena Gomez. Shortly after this information hit the internet, the singer book Union J for the Lisbon leg of her world tour.

After Shelley announced his “undying crush” on Gomez, he received a special video message from the Spring Breakers star. It would seem that the feeling is mutual.

“I was in London for a bit and I’m actually really bummed I missed you. So next time, maybe give me a call?” she said in the clip. You can find the video below.

Do you believe that Selena Gomez and George Shelley spent the night together in Portugal?

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