Australia Smoking Ban Considered If E-Cigarettes Proven Safe

A new Australia smoking ban may go into effect if the nation can prove that e-cigarettes are safe.

We all know smoking cigarettes is dangerous not only to your health, but everybody else around you. What are sometimes known as “cancer sticks” have more than earned the nickname. That said, the nation of Australia is hoping to ban them based on the idea that they contain poisonous substances which endanger the public’s health and potentially start fires. They aren’t going to leave you in the cold, though, as they are looking into giving smokers the option of switching to e-cigarettes in order to facilitate quitting altogether.

The battle to make cigarettes illegal has been in the works for decades, as lobbyists and medical experts have been attempting to get the Australia smoking ban underway.

What makes e-cigarettes a possibly permanent alternative for smokers in Australia is that they contain a liquid nicotine that is heated into vapor and then inhaled and expelled, offering the same addicting chemical found in normal cigarettes without the tar and other poisonous chemicals that pose a health hazard. It is yet unproven whether or not the e-cigarette is any safer, but that’s what federally funded research is looking to conclude.

If e-cigarettes are proven to offer no health risks, the Australia smoking ban will most likely become law. Other methods have been proven ineffective for most, as reflected by Kevin and Jo Husband of Campbelltown, who had tried patches, lozenges, and hypnotherapy. None of them worked.

Kevin Husband stated about the liquid nicotine e-cigarettes, ”No doubt about it, this is the miracle cure. I’ve not had a cigarette since November last year. At least I’m no longer pumping the other 4000 chemicals and [carcinogens] into my blood stream. I feel great.”

Of course what works for one person might not work for another, and the safety of e-cigarettes is yet to be scientifically proven. The e-cigarette can also be an expensive transition, as there are many luxury accessories die-hard smokers will most likely splurge on, but if it proves to be a safe alternative, that will be a green light for the Australia smoking ban.