Tim Tebow Russia News: $1 Million Offered To Play Quarterback In Russian Playoffs

For Tim Tebow, Russia offer is an amazing $1 million to play just two games as a quarterback in the Russian playoffs.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Tim Tebow news had the quarterback turning down a NFL team inquiry that would have forced Tim Tebow to give up on being a NFL quarterback.

As everyone know by now, the Tim Tebow Patriots deal didn’t work out too well. He appeared in three out of four preseason Patriots game only to be cut. Tim Tebow has made it abundantly clear he won’t accept any other NFL position except for quarterback. Tim Tebow news also claims he will not retire or accept any offer to play for the Canadian Football League, Arena Football League, or for US Rugby.

The Tim Tebow Russia deal is being offered by Moscow Black Storm owner Mikhail Zaltsman:

“We have offered him $1 million for two games. I talked with [Tim Tebow] personally and he wanted to go.”

But, apparently Tim Tebow’s agents don’t want to approve the Tim Tebow deal. They’d rather bring Tim Tebow in as a motivational speaker and not play as Russian quarterback.

So why would anyone want Tim Tebow in Russia? Tim Tebow news continues to be very popular, even more so than winning NFL teams. It’s possible a Tim Tebow, Russia deal could bring the world’s attention to Russian football. As an alternative form of marketing, Tim Tebow playing quarterback in Russia for $1 million is rather cheap. Superbowl ads regularly exceed that amount and it’s possible the Russian football league could have Tim Tebow fans watching precisely because it’s Tim Tebow.

But Bleacher Report seems to think the Tim Tebow Russia deal wouldn’t help Tim Tebow’s prospects in the NFL:

“[Tim Tebow] is already viewed as a media- and fan-created sideshow thanks to nonstop coverage on television and a huge following based on his achievements in college alone. Playing in an even lesser football league than the secondary ones in North America won’t do anything to help his already diminished credibility…. Even if he beats up on his competition in Moscow for two games, he will actually be moving backward instead of forward based on the lack of talent he is facing. And should Tebow struggle with the Black Storm and not play up to par, his stock will drop even lower, and his dreams will be even further from reality.”

Do you think the Tim Tebow Russia is a good idea for the NFL quarterback?