Greyhound Bus Crash Details Revealed, Driver May Have Medical Condition

A Greyhound bus crash on a southwest Ohio interstate early Saturday has injured 35 passengers and left questions about the bus drivers medical problems.

A passenger reportedly yelled “wake up! wake up!” to the driver before he hit a tree and a fence and then flipped the bus on its side.

Several passengers became trapped inside the overturned bus and were eventually rescued by firefighters and paramedics.

Injuries ranged from minor to severe with 35 passengers taken to local hospitals. Six helicopters and 29 ambulances removed passengers from the scene of the accident.

Police are investigating the accident which occurred at 4am on Interstate 75 in Liberty Township. The accident occurred about 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

Speaking to WCPO-TV in Cincinnati passenger Christopher Link said the driver “slumped over.”

51 passengers were traveling on the bus from Cincinnati to Detroit. Passengers who were not injured were eventually transported back to Cincinnati.

As of Saturday night at least nine passengers were still under observation at local hospitals.

Officials have not provided medical details about injured passengers.

At least one traveler suffered from a broken leg and was preparing for surgery shortly after the accident occurred.

One passenger said they believed several adults and children had suffered from broken legs and broken arms.

The Greyhound bus crash came at the hands of a 15-year veteran for the company. According to Kim Plaskett, a spokeswoman for Dallas-based Greyhound Lines Inc., the man was only on duty for one hour and was fully rested.

Greyhound has not released the name or medical records for the bus driver because of privacy laws.

It hasn’t been a great year for the ground transport company, in March a Greyhound bus was invaded by roaches.

More information to follow after the Greyhound bus crash is fully investigated.