‘Good Will Batman’ Parody Showcases Ben Affleck’s Future [Video]

Love it or hate it, Ben Affleck is the new Batman in the new Man Of Steel 2 film and now we have a “first look” at his Batman acting chops. Okay maybe not a “first look” but the Good Will Batman mashup is definitely worth a quick view and a few hard laughs.

The mashup is the brainchild of by YouTube user Pete Holmes and since being uploaded on September 9 it has racked up 160,541 views.

The clip combines real scenes from Good Will Hunting along with cut in scenes of an actor playing Affleck in his Batman suit.

To give that “real feel” to the clip the creator included the fake review quote “wait, what?” from the New York Times.

Critics have complained that Ben Affleck doesn’t have the acting chops to take on the Batman role. Oftentimes that criticism overlooks The Town, Hollywood Land, and Argo and instead focus on his earlier work.

While the YouTube parody might just be about the lulz, it is hard to deny that Ben Affleck has progressed as an actor and Hollywood heavyweight since his Good Will Hunting Days.

Watch the Good Will Batman clip at the top of this page and share with us your thoughts about the parody clip.