Floyd Mayweather Set For Life With Earnings From Canelo Fight

When all is said and done Floyd Mayweather will never have to worry about money again. His fight with Canelo Alvarez is on pace to break pay-per-view records and earn him a record $100 million.

The final numbers may be staggering, but the math to get there is quite simple. Mayweather is guaranteed $41.5 million just for fighting Canelo. If the fight reaches three million pay-per-views, Mayweather could earn another $59 million.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe spoke openly on the matter:

“The sky’s the limit on how well this fight does. You’ve got to remember we’re not in no situation. We’re controlling what’s going on. We’re dictating. We’re dictating the terms. So, if it goes through the roof, then it is what it is. He stands to make a whole lot of money in this fight.”

While Ellerbe didn’t give an exact figure, he added, “Listen, if this fight goes through the roof, Floyd Mayweather could make $100 million in this fight as sure as we’re standing here talking.”

After this fight, Floyd Mayweather is set for life. If Ellerbe’s prediction is right, Mayweather will pass $500 million in career earnings Saturday night.

And unlike so many superstar athletes before Mayweather who blew their incredible earnings, Ellerbe is certain that won’t be the case. He explained, “Floyd has a tremendous advantage, because he’s seen the pitfalls and the things that have happened to other fighters, going back a long, long time before him.”

Anticipation for the fight is huge. When the numbers are finalized, it will only be the second fight to earn two million pay-per-views. If early estimates are correct, it should become the first fight to ever hit three million views.

Numbers aside, Floyd Mayweather is set for life after Saturday night. He is a very lucky man.

Will you be watching to see who wins?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]