The ‘Wolverine’ Actor: Who Should Replace Hugh Jackman?

The Wolverine actor might not be Hugh Jackman after X-Men: Days of Future Past, so who should replace him?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hugh Jackman said that the latest X-Men film may be his last. Knowing the character, we can assume that Wolverine won’t die off, so this may just be the last time the Australian actor puts on the claws.

So if Wolverine isn’t dying and future X-Men films are on the way, the only question remaining is who will wear the claws next time?

The best type of actor to fill the role should be able to at least sport the infamous hair without looking ridiculous. One such actor who has done the ragged look before is Russell Crowe. He made a convincingly rugged fighter in Gladiator, but the problem is that he’s already up there in the years.

One possible replacement for the Wolverine actor is Charles Mesure from Boogeyman. He’s relatively new to film on the most part, so he’s more or less untested as an action star. His voice is the type that doesn’t get on the nerves and if he can get the right body type going, who knows?