Arizona Man Brands Ex-Girlfriend’s Genitals, Brags About Doing The Same To Other Women

An Arizona man has been arrested after drugging his ex-girlfriend and branding his initials into her genitals.

Christopher Lynn Jackson, who owns a landscaping business called Lawn Tamers, told his ex that he had done the same to previous girlfriends.

Although the incident happened in May, the victim didn’t report it until recently because she was afraid. According to court documents, the letters “C” and “J” were still “clearly” branded on her “vaginal area.”

The unidentified woman said she and Jackson went to a baseball game together, and that Jackson wanted to go dancing afterward. She told him she was too tired to go out, and he “offered her a pill to energize her.” Not feeling energized from the first pill, she took two more and passed out a short time later. She woke up in severe pain in Jackson’s bed, and realized that he had branded her. She told police that she saw the 49-year-old with the branding tools and butane torch.

Jackson “bragged” to the victim that he had branded past girlfriends, and that he had done the same to her because “her vagina was his.”

Christopher Lynn Jackson was charged with a felony count of aggravated assault with serious physical injury after a police search of his home turned up the branding tool and a butane torch.

Neighbor Brett Schneidt said what Jackson had done was “pretty crazy and kind of scary.” He also said that Jackson always seemed “like a normal, calm guy.” Schneidt, who said he lived next to Jackson for 12 years, said he and the ex-girlfriend “seemed happy together.”

Kelvin Stevens, on the other hand, said that he had several altercations with Jackson.

“I’m not sure everything that goes on over there, but we’ve had enough run-ins with him, so I’m not sure it’s a big surprise to me,” he said.