‘Titanfall’ Multiplayer Gameplay Merges With Single-Player Elements

Titanfall‘s multiplayer gameplay will merge with single-player elements.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Titanfall‘s developer Respawn Entertainment opted out of doing a single-player mode at all in favor of making the multiplayer game as good as it can be. This came from the discovery that most of a gamer’s time in such titles is spent in competitive matches, and they figured it was a waste of time to put so much focus on something the gamers will hardly ever put any time into themselves.

In a way they were right. Most single-player campaigns usually take about a week or two to finish, and then the average gamer will spend the next few months or more competing with friends or total strangers over the internet.

Instead of a single-player campaign, Respawn Entertainment is bringing the elements of a single-player game into a multiplayer scenario. How will they do that, you might be asking?

First off, they plan on introducing a storyline behind the scenario every time you enter the Titanfall multiplayer gameplay. The match will begin with a cutscene of sorts, explaining what’s going on, and afterward you start playing. This particular idea could backfire, though, because if you have to sit through the same series of cutscenes every time you enter a match, you’ll eventually opt for the chance to just skip it and get to the meat of the game. After all, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, unskippable cutscenes are one of the reasons some gamers stop playing.

As you play, the story just happens around you, they explained, and at the end of the match there is a sort of bonus round to tie it all up. In previous demos, the game ended with the losing team attempting to reach the evacuation ship. Other possible scenarios might include finding shelter before a bomb is activated to destroy the entire arena, or chasing down the losers as they try to flee the combat scene.

Respawn Entertainment is trying to ensure you don’t miss the single-player elements when you engage in Titanfall‘s multiplayer gameplay.