Minnesota Coach Jerry Kill Hospitalized After Seizure

University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill was hospitalized Saturday after suffering a seizure while his Gophers played the Western Illinois Leathernecks.

The university said Kill was resting comfortably after being taken away on a stretcher. According to ESPN, the coach was lying on the ground writhing back and forth right after his players left for the locker room with a 7-6 lead over the Leathernecks. Kill was surrounded by medical staff who attempted to keep him as still as possible to prevent a potential injury.

The 52-year-old has been working with doctors to try and keep his seizures under control with medication, rest, exercise, and nutrition.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Jerry Kill has suffered a seizure during a game. Last November, Kill had a seizure in the locker room at halftime just as the Gophers were returning to the field. Defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys took over coaching duties for the second half from the press box.

In October, Kill suffered a seizure after Minnesota’s homecoming loss to Northwestern. The coach had just finished giving a post-game press conference and appeared to be fine. However, he had an episode moments after returning to the locker room. He was treated by the team’s medical staff and then taken to a hospital.

Minnesota was aware of Jerry Kill’s condition when he was hired in 2011. The university didn’t feel his health would prevent him from being able to do his job successfully, and after a seizure during a game against Michigan State last season, athletic director Norwood Teague said the school had “100 percent confidence” in the coach.

“You don’t want to downplay it, but you get to the point of realizing that it’s just something he has to deal with at times,” Teague said.

David Benedict, Minnesota’s deputy athletic director, said that Coach Jerry Kill’s vital signs are “great” and that the condition was not life threatening.

“It’s really more of a precautionary measure that he’s at the hospital right now,” he said.