Jenelle Evans Gives Awkward Road Sex Excuse For Boyfriend’s DUI [Video]

Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend was busted last weekend for DUI, but he wasn’t drunk. He was trying to have sex with the Teen Mom 2 star on the road.

That’s Jenelle’s version, anyway.

The infamous reality TV starlet and Nathan Griffith, her boyfriend, were pulled over in North Myrtle Beach, North Carolina on September 7 after Griffith was seen driving recklessly. Everything was captured on dash cam, including Jenelle’s responses to the arresting officer’s questions.

“Honestly, we were trying to have sex,” Jenelle told the cop when asked why Griffith was swerving..

“That’s why you guys were all over the road?” the officer asked for clarification. “Yeah,” Jenelle responded.

The officer pressed, probably unable to parse the logistics of it all, and asked if the two were on drugs. Jenelle said that she “definitely” doesn’t do drugs, but admitted to having had two drinks and two shots. No big deal, she’s not driving. But then the police officer asked her if she was “touching” Griffith, which could have caused him to swerve.

She then said that the two weren’t actually having sex when they were pulled over.

Confused? Welcome to Jenelle Evans’ life.

In any case, Griffith was arrested for a DUI, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. Jenelle bailed him out for $5,000.

Seems like a long rap sheet for a guy whose only crime was being drunk on love. And in case you were wondering, yes, Jenelle is technically still married to Courtland Rogers.

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